O negative works very similar to Facebook.
On registration you’ll be asked for your email, name, username, password and location details.
When the registration is complete you will be able to log in with the username and password created by you.

If you have problem registering, please contact the administration with request to open an account for you (provide your email, nickname and real name). You will receive an email with link to activate your account. Due to the enormous spam registrations our administrators will review your registration request and will approve it if everything looks OK. You’ll receive email to inform you about the admin decision. If approved you’ll have full access to the website and our members.

It is very important that you leave your real name and location.
In My Info field you can type everything that you think would help people to find you as quick as possible, such as other nicknames, telephone numbers, profession.
All information must be comma separated (e.g. South Africa, Johannesburg, +27 82 222 222 2, John Smith, Johny)
We advise you not to give out your detailed physical address and email address.
Every member can contact you and you can contact them through the web site messaging system, by sending you private message, which will result in email notification.

We promise that all your information (email address remains hidden) will be available only to members of our community.
Automatic harvesting of private information or spamming is highly limited in our website.
Yet, we advise you not to list sensitive information which could compromise your comfort and security.

When you complete the registration process, you’ll receive an email with activation link. Click on it, and you are ready to log in.

After you log-in, you can access your account by clicking on your name or avatar.

If you don’t like the avatar which we chose for you, choose from the top menu > Profile -> Change Profile Photo, upload your image and crop it to the required size.

Once you are logged in, you can start clicking around and explore how the website works.
The most important thing to know is how to find people in your area.

On the top right side we have search box with drop down menu for Members, Groups and Forums.
If you want to find person in New York, just type New York in the search field and search for members.
All members who entered New York as their location will appear in the search results.
The same way you can search for member’s name, nicknames, street address and whatever you think that a member could enter as information about him/herself.
The easiest way to see the most important info about a member of the web site, is to click on the member’s avatar or name.

Well, that is the most important to know.
If you have questions, please use the Contact page or just shout a question to the admin

If you want to drag us into interesting discussion, please use the Forums.
We will try to entertain you and educate you with some interesting materials in our Blog and you can also send us interesting readings, which we will publish under your username.

We Thank You for your support and wish you relaxing time with O negative.

It is in our interest to spread the word about this web site and invite more people with o-negative  blood type. The web site is free and we don’t make money out of it.

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prashant dandekar
prashant dandekar
7 years ago

Swati Dharmadhikari
Need O negative blood for my frends
sister plzz help him,
she is at
kokilaben hospital in mumbai.
his name is Santosh Rulsamudra

plz call on 8806642912
or 9921134628

Reply to  prashant dandekar
7 years ago

Hi, prashant dandekar
Please register in the web site and search in the top right Search box for members in Mumbai.
Here is the search result:
We have three members in your town.
After you register, you’ll be able to see their profiles and send them private messages, requesting for help.
Do that NOW!

R.M.Naveen kumar
R.M.Naveen kumar
6 years ago

my blood group is o-ve contact meif any one need 9985061149

6 years ago

hi im zak from DZ

coding solver
Reply to  R.M.Naveen kumar
4 years ago

Hi Naveen. r u from hyderabad ?

Reply to  coding solver
4 years ago

Here are all the members from Hyderabad –

4 years ago

I need O negative here in Philippines asap for my operation, am here in Philippines please call nancy +639283886566 or +639951644791

Reply to  nancy
4 years ago

Hi Nancy,

There are quite few registered members from Philippines in this website.
Just register, go to and contact those who you think are closest to your location.

Himani sharma
Himani sharma
2 years ago

Hi, Need O- negative blood in Delhi. If you know any one or some on is willing to support. Do call me at +91-81305 83337