O Negative Website

O negative blood type

Welcome to the  website for people with blood type O-negative.
If your blood is from this rare type, you know the importance of knowing people with the same blood type. Here you can find your savior or you can become one.
Register and become a member of our community.
Find people near you with O-negative blood type, and stop worrying about blood donors, if God forbid you need one. Please leave your details during the registration process.
Make it easy for the people to find you and put you in their donor’s list.
We strongly urge you not to list sensitive information which could jeopardize your security and comfort. All registered users will be able to contact you through the website communication system, which doesn’t need visible phone number or email address.We wish you never to have the need to search our website for help.
Thank You.(Please read the Help for using onegative.org)It is in our interest to spread the word and invite more people with o-negative  blood type. The web site is free and we don’t make money out of it.
We will never ask you for donation unless the website existence is put at risk, which as far as we are concerned will never happen.