Immune system could control social behavior

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      This is very fascinating,

      I really wonder what’s going on with us O negatives. Some of us seem to be highly unbalanced, or disturbed, sensitive and creative. Probably we all remember Kurt Cobain and his feelings of not belonging here, being an “alien”.
      Instead of looking at the stars, should we turn our eyes into the inner realms of our complex being? Are the answers closer than we might dare to think?


      Kindly, Saara

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      Eric Hayes

      I know what you mean. I don’t feel unbalanced, but I do feel disturbed and like I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that I should be on another world entirely. I still love looking at the stars, when I finally get out of the city into the countryside far enough away to see them the way they should be seen. As far as “turning our eyes into the inner realms of our complex being” goes, I know for a fact the answer is very simple. We are human hybrid remnants carrying the genes of the nephilim, the angels that were cast down to Earth when Lucifer was defeated. So…complex beings? Very much so. But I already turned my eyes inward long ago and learned that truth.

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