Advantages and Disadvantages of O-?

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    Other then being “Universal” and only able to take blood from other O-, what else is there?

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    The advantages of your 0 negative blood are for the others; anybody can suck your blood 🙂
    The disadvantage is for you; you can only receive blood from someone who has your blood type.
    Well, you can think of yourself as a special, which is a BIG advantage and try not to spill your blood for worthless causes.
    In that regard, if you are a Muslim, Allah will put you in the hell (there are no virgins there) if you waste your blood in suicide bombing 😉

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    Does there exist some reliable research to indicate possible health disadvantages (or advantages) for those “blessed” with O -ve?

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    I don’t know about serious research bet here is an interesting reading about RH-negative blood types –

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